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Reverend Peggy Wilkes Adkins

Reverend Peggy Wilkes Adkins has been working as an intuitive counselor and spiritual medium at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, a 120 year old organization, bring help and hope to over a thousand  people a year, providing comfort and security during the session.

Reverend Peggy has worked with individuals and police departments with life crisis issues, suicides, missing persons and murders.

The services available are one-on-one sessions, group sessions and phone readings.  The types of readings are life guidance and direct spirit communication, producing evidential, factual and personal information during the session.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  

Reverend Peggy especially enjoys reuniting spirit loved ones and those still on this side of life together for communication and questions, as well as a deep motivation for finding missing children.

To arrange a session in person, or a phone reading, with Reverend Peggy, CLICK HERE or call 386-228-2534.

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In the Light of Spirit,

Reverend Peggy Wilkes Adkins 

For more about Reverend Peggy Wilkes-Adkins, Click here.

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