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Reverend Peggy Wilkes Adkins


  I was born in 1953 of Native American decent (Choctaw and Creek), into a family of Spiritualist mediums and healers. Apparitions and communications from the spirit world were on going events amongst my mother and aunts.

It was common play for all of us kids, sisters, brothers and cousins to go to the cemetery on a warm summer night, for a séance.


From around the age of six, I can recall playing with animal spirits. I have always had strong and special bond with all animals especially horses and cats. 


I enjoyed my childhood years growing up in unconditional love and acceptance. However I always felt very different from my schoolmates and felt as though I never really fit in.

Around the age of thirteen, I began to attend a Christian church with a friend of my mothers. I loved going to church. Like everyone else I suppose, I had many questions. Does God really exist? This was the question I pondered for quite sometime. One day while riding in the backseat of our car, I was looking up in the sky at the clouds all fluffy and white. I asked God if he would make a horse out of the clouds, so I could see it and know that he was really there and could hear me. I watched the clouds move, they took the perfect shape of a horse in full gallop, its long mane and tail flowing in the wind. This was God answering me.


I never questioned again.


The years passed, I had many experiences with God and Spirit. I have come to understand that the spirit people were testing my mediumistic abilities. Working with me so that I could develop my psychic talent in order to become their instrument and voice on this Earth plane.


In my early twenties I began to see my own spirit relatives and guides. I strived to build a stronger relationship with them, looking to them for guidance and answers. I have found that I can always trust in what I receive from the spirit world. They come to us with great love, hoping to guide and comfort us as we walk our pathway through our journey of life.


As I reached my early thirties, I had learned to meditate and would sit daily for guidance and messages from the spirit world. One evening a very special message was given to me,  “Help Karen, help Karen”.    This was the request and it puzzled me because I did not know anyone by that name. Time passed and I kept looking for Karen. Six or eight months passed by. 


Being busy with life I finally forget about the request to “Help Karen”.


As a business proprietor I encountered many clients weekly. A woman named Karen became a client of mine. I still did not remember the request. When I was around her I felt very uncomfortable, but didn’t understand why.  Karen was very sweet and eager to talk to me, yet all I wanted was to get away from her as soon as I could.  Before the job was completed I was hired to do by Karen, she took her own life.  It was then that I remembered the request from Spirit to “Help Karen”.     I then understood why I had this gift of mediumship, and how I was to use it.


Since this time I have devoted my life to Gods’ work, to fulfill the mission of the spirit people. It is with great love and joy that I do this work. Words cannot express the inner peace and harmony in which this brings to me.


Perhaps I can use my mediumistic gift to help you or someone you know? 


Do you need life guidance? Do you have decisions to make? Are you confused and need direction?


No matter what your need is, help is here for you.


Are you grieving over the passing of a loved one? Your deceased loved ones can communicate with you through my Mediumship. Would you like the proof of knowing that life is eternal, and our personalities continue into the next phase of life? Do you have questions concerning your loved one? Do you need closure?


You need not be present for any of these sessions. All I need is to have a phone conversation with you to set the arrangements. We will set up a telephone consultation together.


Missing persons? I am particularly touched when I hear of missing children. My heart becomes overwhelmed with the need to locate them. I’ve had several opportunities to work with police and investigators on missing person’s cases. My accuracy is approximately 80% to 90%.


Do you have questions about your own psychic or mediumistic abilities? I’ll be happy to discuss this with you, and give you my intuitive guidance.


Again, you do not need to be present for any of these sessions. To set up a consultation please telephone me at 386-228-2534. I prefer to speak directly to you personally to make the arrangements. I will return your call if I am unable to answer.


Each ½ hour session is $65.00, payable by check, money order, or credit card. CLICK HERE to contact me to set up an appointment.

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