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Spiritual Healing has done more to advance mankind than any other motivating force to date.  The seeking of knowledge through suffering or a desire to relieve suffering is extremely powerful.

Reverend Stephen G. Adkins has studied and practiced Spiritual Healing for the past 30 years in the USA as well as the United Kingdom.   During that time relief has been found by many for inoperable conditions relating to cancers, chronic headaches,  chronic back aches as well as a host of other illnesses.

While no cure can be promised, the continued practice of Spiritual Healing does reveal a stronger tendency for specific types of curative energies from healer to healer.   Reverend Adkins has shown a stronger tendency for physical forms of ailment rather than mental forms of ailments.  There has also been proven effectiveness with Distance Healing by Reverend Adkins.

To submit a name for Distance Healing, click on the link provided below and fill out the requested information.

To request a personal appointment call 386-868-9650 or send CLICK HERE.

A momentary thought of thanks and gratitude to all known and unknown healers, for their devotion and perseverance against seemingly insurmountable odds at times, both personally and professionally.


Click Here to Request Distance Healing

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