The link established by telephone from a gifted medium is as strong and evidential as one in person.  This method is especially useful when distance is involved, but help is still desired.

The following is a way to set up phone readings:

  1. Send check or money order for $60.00 ( sixty dollars, US) to the following address, a contact telephone number to :   Peggy Wilkes-Adkins,  PO Box 95  ,   Cassadaga, Fl 32706
  2. Upon receipt of the requested items and information, Peggy will contact you and setup a time for the reading to occur.
  3. If desiring to use a credit card for payment, call 386-228-2534 during daylight hours and arrangements will be made at that time.

If you have any additional questions about a phone reading, use the e-mail link to Peggy or feel free to call @ 386-228-2534.


Thank you for your interest.











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